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James and Laura – a very vintage wedding

Hey guys and dolls,

It’s my turn to post! Had the recent pleasure of attending my friend James’ wedding to his lovely, now wife, Laura. It was held in Laura’s family church, St Bartholomew’s in Binley near Coventry and of course, I couldn’t leave the best friend (the Canon) behind! It was a beautiful event with much vintage flair – both bride and groom looked wonderful.  So many cute little what I will now call ‘Laura details’ to photograph, it was hard to select which ones to show you – but here goes…enjoy!

Lovings x


Ladies and Gentleman, I give you….the Groom

The Groom

Sitting up on the balcony had its perks, for one, this view of the church!

Eagerly waiting for the wedding march…my other best friend, stunning I know.

Many tears and smiles later…”You may kiss your bride” – married at last.

How do you know if a bride got her bouquet right? By the whispers of all the girls in the crowd saying ‘that’s exactly what I want’…and there were many.  Not hard to see why, the pearls adding that perfect vintage feel.

St. Bartholomew’s Church, Binley.

A bride, a groom and a top hat.  Love it.

Not even a cold day in February could conquer those smiles x

How’s this for a vintage ride…

The reception was held at Wethele Manor Farm in Leamington Spa, a place I hadn’t visited till now and I have to say, it was everything I had been told it would be, quaint and very pretty.

Cue the absolutely gorgeous Laura details. Handsewn embellishments like these brought a personal touch to the champagne reception area – with cushions, photo montages and candles dotted around, it felt like home. I heart those buttons.

A sweet tooth’s dream- a table full of the old but not forgotten favourites – gobstoppers, refreshers, candy canes and sherberts!

A wishing line – guests were welcomed to hang words of luck, love and wisdom for the happy couple…

…on the cutest heart shaped pegs…

Without the past, we would not have our present or something to base our future on x

I could go on forever with the gorgeous Laura details, but it’s time…this way to the wedding…

Both Laura and James are doctors by day so what better theme for your tables…famous doctors! Mark Sloan, J.D, Patch Adams and even House got a mention!

The sweetest favour.

Speeches, toasts, dinner and a few more drinks later…a few of the groom’s closest having a great time!

A few words about the cake – Laura’s super talented aunt created this work of art. Most of my friends know of my love for baking, one that equals the love for the camera, so yes, I squealed when I saw this. And no, the flowers are not real! It speaks for itself really.

Cutting the cake…guys how could you!!? :p

After cake, where better but to the dance floor! Put on your dancing shoes….or rather, take them off ! A very smart bridesmaid!

The first dance.

Is not a kiss the very autograph of love? (Henry Finck)

Congratulations James and Laura – a beautiful couple you make x

You are now….


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